2018 Hancock & Sons Cab Franc/Cab Sauvignon, Hawke's Bay

2018 Hancock & Sons Cab Franc/Cab Sauvignon, Hawke's Bay

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Blueberry, cherry, coconut and chocolate notes are evident with just a hint of oak from 12 months barrel maturation. This wine is vegan friendly as it is unfined. 

Varieties: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage:  2018
Country: New Zealand
Region:  Hawke's Bay
Alcohol: 13%

John Hancock and eldest son Willy are both winemakers, one approaching the twilight of his career and the other just setting out on his vinous journey. Younger son Michael is in the early stages of a career in business.

John has just completed his 48th harvest, largely in New Zealand, but with experience in the Rhone Valley, Burgundy and Australia. Willy has just completed harvest number 4 over New Zealand, California and France – Bordeaux and Sancerre.

John was keen to get back to hands-on winemaking after moving more into a brand ambassadorial role in recent years. Having been involved with the establishment of Morton Estate and Trinity Hill, he was keen to develop a legacy for his sons, where they could put into practice what they have learned.

They determined that the grape growing environment of Hawkes Bay, coupled with John’s intimate knowledge of the region, the best vineyards and most passionate growers gives the greatest possibility for making a range of outstanding wines. So the decision was taken to concentrate on Hawkes Bay and work closely with the soils best suited to each variety by developing strong relationships with the best growers the region has to offer.

This allows for the possibility of working with the most appropriate varieties and wine styles from other parts of New Zealand with selected parcels of grapes further down the line.

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